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    Security Solutions

    Prosalis has been a user of cloud services for some time and as part of our strategy we continually look for 'best of breed' solutions to support on own services offerings. We provide a cloud based solution for onsite anti-virus and anti-spam which we manage completely on behalf of our clients. Since we have full visibility of each installation, we can pre-empt malware outbreaks at any of our managed sites, thereby guaranteeing a rapid and real-time response to such attacks.

    Our anti-virus solution is based on the Vipre anti malware suite, one of the fastest virus scanning engines around. Together with our cloud based anti spam, we can provide a comprehensive and managed solution for all our clients.

    Because we also manage our clients domains we can direct corporate email to our cloud anti-virus/anti-spam service and clean up any malware long before it enters the client's network.

    There is no upfront capital investment with our solutions. All services are subscription based and charged monthly as part of our Managed Services bundle though our security solutions can also be purchased separately.


    • Fastest anti-virus engine around - remotely monitored

    • New product so designed from the ground up to deal with 21st century threats

    • Subscription based so no costly up-front licensing

    • Monthly reporting

    • Anti spam kills the threat before it enters the network  so no huge bandwidth demands