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    Although VOIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) has been around for some time, the penetration of full blown VOIP telephony systems remains surprising low. While Skype has a hardcore following, it cannot be seen as an industrial strength solution for a business environment, leastwise not yet.

    The potential savings on standard telecommunications charges are quite significant and on an annual spend of 10k to 15k, a business can expect to recoup its investment in a VOIP telephony solution in about 18 months.

    Thereafter savings go straight to the bottom line as a result of:

    • Reducing the number of telephony lines

    • Routing outbound calls over broadband

    Today VOIP is about much more than just making calls and expect even entry level systems to have UC (Unified Communications) as standard, allowing for Fax and Voicemail routing direct to email client.

    As a Select Partner of Cisco, we can bring the best that VOIP has to offer from a premium brand but with an SME price tag. The Cisco UC 320 has all the product features mentioned above and then some but for no more than the cost of a pc.

    We would be happy to do a site evaluation to determine readiness for VOIP and potential savings but in truth all you need is a broadband connection.