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    Shipping Company

    We run an international shipping operation from our Dublin Offices while our ships operate under the Dutch flag. We need to maintain close contact with the vessels at all times and have deployed systems which exploit satellite broadband services.

    In April 2010, we decided to relocate to new premises in Dundrum in order to accommodate our expanding operation and work force. Our key objective was to create a comfortable working environment which would support our operations in Dublin, giving the freedom to work remotely while away on company business or on fleet exercises.

    Our requirements were:

    • High quality VOIP based telephony with PSTN support

    • Standardised IT platform for all staff

    • Mobile connectivity

    The decision was taken to use cloud solutions wherever possible and migrate in-house applications on a phased basis. Staff who had previously been using Outlook in standalone fashion were integrated on the Office 365 cloud platform. Key staff were supplied with smartphone technology to allow for mobile communicatons including the Microsft Lync IM (Instant Messaging) service. In January 2012, we will migrate our server platform and run our business applications through the cloud.

    ---Managing Director. Contact information available on request.

    Technologies used: Microsoft Office 365, iPhone and Galaxy Smartphones, cisco UC320 VOIP platform.