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    Leading Accountancy/Auditing Practice

    We have been working with Prosalis as our preferred technology partner for over seven years and when they came to us recently extolling the virtues of cloud computing, we were a little apprehensive at first. Following several presentations and high level review of project plan, we were still anxious about letting go of the tin. In order to allay our fears, the project leader suggested implementing an on premise cloud which would effectively ape the live situation prior to full migration to cloud. We operated the on premise cloud for three months, moving each of our many applications on a phased basis while troubleshooting as we went. After the three month trial, we were happy to proceed with our private cloud hosted in the Prosalis data centre.

    So far so good and the many advantages of being in the cloud are beginning to manifest themselves already - ease of access, reduced energy costs, capex on hardware and licensing replaced with fixed monthly subscription charges based on usage. And of course scalability.

    ---Lead partner at firm. Contact information available on request.

    Note: This solution involved all the key elements of cloud IaaS - EMC, PaaS -SQL and SaaS-Office 2010, customised desktop with client applications delivered through a standard browser.
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